ART + October = ARTober! Let’s add some color around town by celebrating community and creativity. We are planning some fun, safe activities for the month of October,  and want use the power of art to highlight local artists, draw attention to our local businesses, make the ordinary extraordinary!

Window Takeovers

We are featuring local artists of all kinds, transforming our beautiful downtown storefront windows into a walking art gallery! With so much creativity in town, we love to harness our own talents and put them on display for all to see. Take a socially-distanced stroll downtown during the month of October. If you like what you see, reach out to the artist to purchase a piece and add it to your home!

Meet the Artists

About Jamie

Born and raised in SP. Class of 2002. When I was in the 6th grade at SPES I was asked to design the County seal for Marion County. It is still in use today. I went to Chattanooga State and UTC for Graphic Design, but later swapped to business. Now I reside in Whitwell and have started a small art business and YouTube channel since the Covid lockdown with my wife. I do portrait art and cartoon illustrations, but I am pretty flexible and have lot of experience with many mediums.


I grew up being blown away by artists like Bob Ross, any comic book, and anyone else in school who could draw.

About Stephanie

I’ve lived in south Pittsburg my entire life. I am a self taught artist. I mainly paint abstract and fluid paintings,but I also have an affinity for painting and drawing mermaids.


Art for me is self expression and a form of therapy.


About Dale

Dale Woodfin makes his living as a graphic designer and fine artist working with digital art and often highly textured mix media; occasionally combining the two disciplines for a unique blend of mediums.
After leaving his small town of South Pittsburg, TN Dale lived in Nashville for about 20 years. It’s no surprise he finds inspiration in both rural nature and raw urban settings; occasionally blending the two inspiration as a contrasting creation.
Upon returning to his home town he founded the Marion County Arts Council and contributes to the South Pittsburg Area Revitalization Quest (Sparq) nonprofits. Dale also served as the Chairperson for Marketing of the National Cornbread Festival. He hopes to enhance the art culture in South Pittsburg through his own works and the works of other artists.
When asked what he enjoys most about art Dale replied, “Talking with the viewer. I’m always curious what they see and how it makes them feel. To me, that’s the real value of art.”

Dale’s Inspiration

I’m inspired by a blend natures beauty and the grunge of urban settings.

About Cindy

Born and raised in Chattanooga Tn. I also raised my children there…moved to Marion County in 2004..where they have raised my grand children.I
always had a passion for drawing and painting..and have had no formal training.


My art is inspired by my children and grands who have always encouraged me…

About Joanna

I am a wife and mother of three girls and one son. He resides in heaven.
I was always drawing from a young child on and went to college to be an art teacher, but dropped out because at the time, i didn’t think i could get a job teaching. I laid my art down for a while, and just picked it back up seriously in the last few years.


God’s intricate designs.

About Barbie

I have lived in South Pittsburg for 25 years. I have three kids Jackson, Will and Abby. My husband Mike does pencil art work. I took art classes from Helen Brooks and Alicia. I enjoy painting landscapes.


I enjoy painting landscapes from my trips to Alaska.

About Abbie

I am a senior at RHMS. I have been in love with art for as long as I can remember. My goal for when I get out of college is to be a forensic artist for the FBI.


Anything and everything inspires me. Mainly other people.

About the Baughs

Mom of 3 likes to create artwork in my spare time. My 11 year old son started making jewelry out of dried paint drippings. We have been living in South Pittsburg for 3 years now. I always wanted to be creative as a child but never thought I was any good. I paint for myself and my own enjoyment.


Bob Ross – I used to love watching him on the weekends as a child, and still do. I love the creativity that artists have and look to find that in myself.

About Sue

Sue was born in northern Indiana of southern parents. She spent the last of her working years in the Chicago area. She was the treasurer of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America for 14 years and met many of the leading artists of the time and attended their workshops. After retiring, she escaped to beautiful Tennessee. She loves to travel and depict those experiences in watercolor.



About Tejha

I grew up in South Pittsburg. Had a love for art at a young age been didn’t really open up to it until my teenage years.


My paintings are heavily cartoon based. I tend to leave their facial features off because if the art is done well enough it’s just extra to put them there.

About Helen

Helen Brooks resides in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, was married for 59 years to her loving husband, Sam, and has been blessed with two children, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Upon retiring from a teaching career, she studied charcoal, pastel, oil, and experimental watermedia under renowned artists, Bettie Wilson, Helen VanWyk, Janet McGrath, Sandra Paynter Washburn, and Anne Bagby. She has been a member of the Chattanooga Civic Arts League, Tennessee Art League, Tennessee Watercolor Society, Association for Visual Arts, and Allied Arts in Chattanooga. Helen is currently an active member of In-town Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


In my journey to become a better artist, I have the continuing adventure of self-discovery, challenge, and excitement. Every painting is a new experience, a way to voice my feelings and ideas about the beauty around me, and a constant motivation to find truly original expression. Recognizing God as the Master Creator and Artist, I draw upon inspiration all around us as the world’s beauty is limitless and the artistic endeavors never ending.

About Marcus

I was born and raised in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Art found me at a very young age. Factors of influence included Bob Ross , Ernie Barnes ,  cartoons , claymation ,drawings by older family members ,and  album covers. Helen Brooks and the late Jimmy Morris , were local painters whom I admired during teen years.  After graduating from South Pittsburg High School , I attended East Tennessee State University , where I studied Criminal Justice and Fine Arts.  Art History, Figure Drawing , 2-D/ 3-D Design , Color Theory , and Sculpture, were the main courses taken to grasp a better understanding as to what “Art” was.  


After graduating  from ETSU, I returned home to South Pittsburg .  I’ve displayed art at the Beene-Pearson Library ,Marion County Arts Council, other venues in the Chattanooga area , and completed many commission from local to abroad.

Proud to support the ARTS !

About Char

Charlene Hudson is a retired healthcare worker who was born in Bridgeport, Alabama, but spent the majority of her life in South Pittsburg, Tn.    She attended school in South Pittsburg where she graduated with the class of 1964.   She resides in South Pittsburg.

 She enjoys working with all mediums but is especially fond of watercolor.

She will quickly tell you her inspiration for art comes from her mother, who was an excellent portrait artist.   She spent hours watching her mother paint, learning techniques with color and mediums. 

Charlen has long strived to help others have an interest in the arts, hoping one day soon to have South Pittsburg become a full art and theatre community.  She loves creating art because it gives her great enjoyment.  She loves color and having the knowledge that she has created something that gives her (and hopefully others) pleasure. 


Dave Gibbs

Land St. Clair

Lisa Murphy

Manhole Makeovers

Manhole covers are all over town and serve a functional purpose…but why not make them art? The City of South Pittsburg approved for SPARQ to add South Pittsburg inspired designs to the covers. We will start with 5-6 designs. We have some great artists in SP and on the SPARQ team. Marcus Banks, Margaret Tucker and Dale Woodfin will be creating the first designs. We will keep you posted on when and where these cool designs will pop up in town!