Our Town. Our People.

Our Mission

South Pittsburg Area Revitalization Quest

We are a diverse group of community minded, action driven people. Our mission is to SPARQ long-lasting, impactful improvements to our hometown by cultivating the community’s economic, social, and cultural growth.

Beautification & Arts

We look to harness all the talents and creativity of our community and use it to express to the world what an amazing and diverse hometown we’ve got. From sprucing up existing local treasures to creating new masterpieces, to improving our public spaces, our aim is to make South Pittsburg an exciting place to live and visit in fun & unique ways.

Economic Development

This pillar of the SPARQ mission includes everything from easy wins to long-term projects. We will identify opportunities, develop plans, connect entities, procure funds, and execute strategies to make lasting improvements to our historic downtown and other common spaces, both commercial and residential.

Events & Marketing

To make our great town a destination, we need to have things to do! We want to foster an array of events to not only give our community more options, but also to attract more folks to enjoy South Pittsburg. We will support all of these efforts with cohesive marketing and branding initiatives that help promote our town in a unique, but genuine way

Join the Cause.

Make a Difference.

We’re looking for more people like us who want to grow our town into an even more amazing place to live. Whether you're handy with a paintbrush, hammer, or pen; we will put you to work for South Pittsburg.

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